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Legal Disclaimer

In keeping with the spirit and intent of the communications published here, your use of this website constitutes your agreement to observe and abide by the following:


The blog represents the views of the author, Dr. Marion Bishop, not that of her employer nor any medical care facility where the Dr. Bishop practices.   

The communications presented here are personal, not clinical, in nature and should not be taken as medical advice.  Likewise, accessing, browsing, or interacting with this site does not create a patient-physician relationship between Dr. Bishop and any user. Unless explicitly stated, Dr. Bishop does not endorse any specific test, physician, procedure, product or opinion that may be mentioned in her communications.

Dr. Bishop is not responsible for any comments posted by users of this site, nor her endorsement of any content or depiction found within such links to 3rd party sites or web pages which are referenced in or are attached to user comments, nor as to the accuracy or content of such information, all of which users observe or use at their own risk. By engaging such information users are deemed to acknowledge that risk, consequently waiving any manner of legal claim against Dr. Bishop in connection with that use. All photos are the property of Dr. Bishop unless otherwise indicated. 

The content published by Dr. Bishop on this blog is protected by copyright laws, and any use of such content for commercial or other non-personal purposes will be considered a violation of Dr. Bishop's proprietary rights under such laws. 

Response commentary from users of this site, or information presented by links to third party sources, which is found to be abusive, illegal or inappropriate will be removed at Dr. Bishop’s sole discretion.  In such event, that user’s access to or interaction with this content may be terminated.

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